Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I like to be timely. But with three little people, being on time is a challenge in and of itself. It's the source of much stress... either I'm stressed because we're running late or they're stressed because I don't want to be late.

Even when I don't have to be anywhere, being timely can be a challenge. Take this project for instance.It hasn't even been worn yet, but this infinity scarf has quite a few miles on it. It's been to Nevada, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Mexico and maybe the East Coast a time or two. I've spent hours with it in my lap. Every inch of the yarn has been wound between my fingers. I've loved every moment. (Except the twist, but that's another story.)

This project is so late it's almost early. Happy Birthday, Mom! I'm excited to say (finally) that you're birthday present is finished. I think I'll hold onto it until Thursday so it can be a full 9 months late. Ugh.

I wanted to take my time with this project, to get it right. I've never knitted in the round, and so I was trying to be meticulous... to concentrate. So I didn't rush. Instead I tended this project little by little working away when I became inspired... Knowing all the while, it would be late.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Imperfect as it is, this gift has been made with love... I hope you enjoy it, and that it keeps you as warm as your love has kept me.

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