Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pulled Up

On Sunday, before we visited the apple orchard, we stopped at a favorite park for a picnic and a little time on the playground. The kids had so much fun and to tell you the truth, so did I. It was such a lovely day and the tree color was marvelous.

The other nice thing is that we had this little park completely to ourselves for 98% of the time. A young couple made a quick stop at 'our' park for just a few minutes. At the same time they were walking through the area where he was playing, Benett decided he could wait no longer... he had to go potty... NOW! So he did what all 3-year-old boys do... he tried to disrobe himself.

I'm sure this couple had never seen a mother run as fast as I did (through sand - ugh), trying to get to Benett before his rear end was barred for all to see. I did get to him; in time to make sure his shorts stayed up... but not in time to make sure he didn't pee.

Lucky for me, it was a breezy day. We left his wet shorts out to dry, and Benett sported a pull up for a while. Lucky for Benett, he doesn't mind running around in a diaper. He won't let a little thing like pants (or the lack of pants) get between him and his play time.

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