Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Round Two

Even though Sunday was Ellie's day, Benett stole the show. He woke up that morning, with a terrible barking cough. Our concern was so great that we made the decision to postpone Miss Ellie's birthday bash.

Even though we knew it was the only decision to make, we just didn't want to expose anyone else to this yucky bug, I had a twinge of guilt for the majority of the day... like we'd taken something from Ell.

It was such a beautiful day, that after cake... a red velvet cake, to be exact... we decided to head to our favorite little spot for a walk in the sunshine. I think it did all of us some good to be outside, soaking it all in. Benett rallied mid-day, but as evening came the poor little guy got clobbered. That darn cold had him home from daycare on Monday too.

Knock on wood... I think we're all healthy again. And  in an effort to not deprive Ell of her hostessing duties, we'll try to sneak that birthday bash in before the month is over.

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