Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We're really enjoying this spring weather, except for the wind... The wind seems to be punishing us; like we're paying some debt owed by such a short and mild winter. But so eager are we for the fresh air that we spend as much time as possible outside... keeping our heads down and hoping the wind will die down soon.

When it doesn't, we head to our little refuge in the valley. Someday I imagine us exploring our own little corner of the forest and retreating to a small cabin, that is all ours. For now, we make due playing around this public rental.

We play in the open spaces, sheltered from the unrelenting wind. The paved pathways are perfect for the littlest people to ride their bikes. Around and around they ride, taking breaks to explore as they go. Gavin rides too, sometimes, but mostly he's eager to play catch. He's keyed into baseball 100% these days. It seems like he can't get enough... but I love watching him work so hard.

There is much exploring to do in the valley as well. Although the squirrels have cleaned up most of the acorns, there are many caps to find. Along with rocks, interesting leaves, critters and so many other things that bring out the curiosity in little boys... and send little girls running for her mama.

Most distressing of all, the gals are doing their best to put up with the windy weather. Only they can't escape quite as easily as we can. So they protest in the only way they know how... by laying soft eggs. I'll spare you the visual... but trust me when I say that shell-less eggs aren't pretty. Even the gals are disturbed by them, refusing to lay them in the nesting boxes.

I'm confident that they'll snap out of it, or get used to the wind, just like the rest of us. Until then, however, it looks like my refrigerator will be short on eggs.

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