Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Baby feet have these magical powers that render perfectly sensible adults into a state of complete enamorment.  (Right… that’s not a word… but it should be; especially where baby feet are concerned.)

When each of the little people were delivered into this world… and even before, in ultrasound pictures, feet were a source of pure amazement. To see those little feet in the pictures and then finally after such a long wait, to be able to hold them in my hand… well that’s awe inspiring. In my mind, those little feet carried each of my little people on their own long journey, without bearing any weight.

Tonight, Benett came home talking about the new baby at daycare, and her tiny little feet; “with little pink piggy toes.” His interest in those baby toes made me think about his and how big he’s grown. His big little feet still make me pause… making me think about how small they once were… how much he’s grown… how far he’s journeyed, now bearing his own weight... it makes me wonder how far they'll take him in this world.

Benett and Ellie both have these feet with toes crammed together so much they overlap... and seem at first glance as if there are too many toes fighting for space on a little foot. When they were little I used to hold a foot in my hand, trying to imprint in my memory how soft those feet were. How small those feet were. How those amazing little feet were attached to amazing little people.

As those little feet grow, they’re no less mesmerizing… just like the people.

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