Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Traditions are really important to me. It helps me to feel connected to the memories that they evoke. The traditions also help me to pass a part of my childhood on to the little people.

It will be fun to learn which of our traditions become repeated in the adult versions of Gavin, Benett and Ellie. Which will they treasure most? What sights, sounds or smells will instantly trigger a fond memory? I hope there are many.

None of our traditions are grand gestures. They don't involve extravagance. Most are simple, like the huge valentine cookies, which were the order of the day today. It's just a simple (but delicious) sugar cookie recipe, shaped by hand... with icing and sprinkles.

As a child, I recall being so excited when my mom made these cookies for my brother and me... Valentine's Day just wouldn't seem right if I didn't do the same for my little people.

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