Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A month ago, Gavin and I were running some errands and came across an estate sale sign. In our neck of the woods, that's a rarity in the wintertime. As if we needed a reason, rarity was enough of one to see what kinds of treasures we could find.

It was a small house, in an older neighborhood; where all of the homes have the feel of cottages... with charming little details and plenty of character. In my mind, even the people who live in these houses are petite. It's how I'd picture a neighborhood of gnomes. These gnomes happily going about their business in their small yards, shaded by huge, old trees.

I'm certain that the occupant of this home was not a gnome. Perhaps a bachelor lived there. There wasn't much in the way of linens or decor... no tchotchkies to speak of; but instead a plethora of tools and board games.

Amongst the board games was a box filled with clothes pins, for $1. I couldn't resist. I could practically see the people we'd make with them.

It's been several weeks, but we finally had a few spare minutes to work on our clothes pin people last weekend. We had so much fun, we make an entire family portrait. I think they're fun, but Ellie is smitten. She spent the longest time pointing out each of us... she even had a smooch for the clothes pin version of herself.

It was $1 well spent... and it will remind me of the adventure Gavin and I took in the gnome neighborhood.

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