Sunday, February 26, 2012


We had a lovely little weekend. It was the kind where we didn't have any plans... we didn't even have to make a run to the grocery store. That's huge, in my book.

The only blip on our radar, was a play date invitation for Benett. He'd been looking forward to it all week long... but when Saturday morning arrived, he was tearful and adamant that he was NOT going to ANY ONE'S house to play.

I spent most of the morning cajoling and encouraging him. I just knew he'd have a wonderful time, if he just got past the part about getting there.

After lunch, I told him we'd just stop by his friend's house to say "Hello." I'd stay with him and hold his hand for as long has he wanted me to. If he didn't want to stay, he wouldn't have to; we could come back home.

His little hand was firmly folded into mind, squeezing my fingers tight. We walked up to his friend's house... and in we went. It took about 30 seconds for Benett to remove his shoes and coat; then run off to play. He didn't even look back. At that moment it was me, wishing he'd hold my hand just a little bit longer.

Benett had a wonderful time. He's since asked no less than 10 times if we can go back to play again. I'm pretty sure he's conquered his apprehension.

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