Monday, May 21, 2012


Part of the effort to pull myself out of the ho-hums over the weekend was a sewing project. It was a small project, but sometimes that’s just what I need… no lofty goals, more than anything I wanted to cross something off my mental to-do list that wouldn’t take a lot of time.

It was good practice to be at the sewing machine again. It’s been a while… and I don’t have a lot of experience making clothing, but it’s fun to try new things, especially when given the chance to be successful. Easy was the name of the game this time.

I think I’ll make another, only the second won’t be so much of a pick-me-up project… but an opportunity to use some of my little fabric stash. For the next variation, I think I’ll make the dress a little bit longer and use some more color.

Even as a beginner, this is a good project. I used a jersey and opted for raw edges, but that is just one of many options. Although I didn’t use a pattern, there are so many pillowcase dress tutorials online. I’ve pinned a few for reference.

If you're curious, the button came from a little shop that Monte and I found when visiting Taos, NM. I think it might be the best part of the whole project.

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