Sunday, May 20, 2012


Two weeks ago, Gavin celebrated his First Holy Communion. Like most things in our tiny and traditional parish, it was a small affair... So small that Gavin was the only one. Even though the crowd was small, the beauty of the altar seemed larger than life that night. I have such a strong connection to that place... the place is synonymous with my faith. They seem to go hand in hand... I hope all of the little people feel that way someday too.

I'm not sure if Gavin was nervous to be center stage alone... he's a tough read when it comes to things like that... but regardless he seemed to understand the seriousness of the ceremony. He seemed to really be concentrating on his surroundings, and confidently responding to Father when he as addressed. My favorite part was that Gavin sang every hymn with such gusto that it was all I could do to follow along and sing myself... I would rather have just watched him.

After the ceremony, the small group celebrated with cake. We could barely get Gavin to hold still for a picture, he wanted a slice of his own.

But I like this picture much better than the posed version. I love that he has frosting in the corner of his mouth and that he is so engrossed in reading each and every word on the cards that he received, he just couldn't look away even to smile for his begging mother.

He's eight... and yet it seems like we were just holding this boy over the baptismal font, celebrating his birth and thanking God as each drop of water touched his little head... thanking God for the new little person that He had entrusted us with.

Now Gavin's eight and teeming with love. Monte and I are so proud of him. I wish there were a way to let him know how my heart feels... because somehow, that seems different than the sound of the words coming from my lips.

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