Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We had a death in the family. To be precise, we had a death in the flock... but those gals really feel like family. We've grown pretty attached to them and have come to enjoy being in their midst.

I'm fairly certain that our poor little gal was egg bound, even though these three eggs were tenderly laid in the nest just two days before. She was showing no signs of distress when we last saw her. I've read quite a bit on the topic, and although it's not an everyday occurrence; it's not unusual either.

So now there are two... but it just feels like less. Although it was a somber day, Benett added some levity... although it may be just the littlest bit dark.

Benett: "Where's the other gal?"
Me: "Well Benett, it's so sad... but the other gal died."
Benett: "Did we eat her?"
Me: "*gulp* NO! We buried her in the garden."
Benett running off to play: "Okay, Mama"

We did bury her in the garden. The other gals came along to pay their respects (aka: eat worms and bugs). Benett hasn't asked about our missing gal since our little exchange, but I'm sure it will come up again... I'm only hoping that doesn't happen at the dinner table.

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