Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Having little people in the house, especially the boy variety, means that injuries are common. Bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches... they all come with the territory. But for some reason, today was filled with an extra dose of calamity.

It started off with a call from Benett's daycare... a cut on his chin. It didn't look deep, and though it's a bit wide, Monte and I opted to bring him home and apply some steri-strips. I'm not sure if they would have stitched it... but the idea of traumatizing Benett with a trip to the emergency department didn't sound all that appealing (or necessary).

It must have been telepathy of some kind...  so with Gavin being so competitive, he also came home tonight with a jumbo-size band aid on his knee, and a significant hole in his jeans. (He's an accomplished child, when it comes to creating holes in otherwise perfectly good clothing... I'm certain he could do it in his sleep.)

The icy playground was the culprit in Gavin's case. For Benett, he somehow managed to slip under a table and catch his chubby little chin on the corner of said table... These boys seem to have taken on some kind of challenge... or perhaps it's a little boy oath... to be in a constant state of scabbiness... to always be laden with a bit of band aid residue to mark their most recent injury.

The one good part... they both still think that a kiss from Mama helps to make it all better.

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