Monday, January 23, 2012


In the not-so-distant past, this is the kind of desktop that children learned at. Where they sat, putting pencil to paper, learning.

This particular desk came from a one-room school house where my dad and a good many of my lineage began their educational careers. That was another time. A place where the current desktop and virtual learning didn't exist.

It may be the act of becoming mother that has made me sentimental about these kinds of things... but I love this old desk. The color and patina... the engraved embellishments and signs of wear. All of the things that prove that this desk had a life.

So when it was gifted to me at Christmastime, I was smitten. I love every bit of it's rusty charm... the story is has to tell... and best of all, in my sentimental eyes, I see recognition of a not-so-distant past in the faces of each of my children who's own desktops are very, very different.

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