Monday, January 30, 2012


This child seems to be perpetually happy. Even when he's not, he puts on a smile and tries his best to be felicitous.

A big part of his happiness is just his nature, and I love that happy Gavin. That kind of happy is whole and pure and filled with light. It's original and seems to radiate from him. It's contagious.

The other part of Gavin's seemingly perpetual happiness is his desire to please. That part I would like to quell. That version of happy is quiet and staid. That version of happy makes me sad. It makes me want to scoop him up and tell him that he can be sad... after all, everyone is sad from time to time. He can be disappointed... we're all let down at times.

Sad and disappointed is something that nobody likes to feel... little boy or otherwise... but we have to feel it when it happens. That's a lesson I didn't think I'd have to teach. It's a perplexing one...

Happily, today's jubilant boy is genuinely so. He's all-consumed by football and the impending Superbowl has him aflutter with excited anticipation. I think we'll happily watch the game together... him for the "awesome routes and plays" and me for the ads... both of which are sure to please Gavin and me.

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