Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Being Mom is how I define myself. It's not an easy job, but like most careers, it's not the easy part that makes the job fulfilling or worthwhile. Being Mom is the most important thing that I've done. The most important thing I'll do in this life.

That's a big deal. I want my kids to know how much I love each. How much I want them to be well-rounded and empathetic and nurturing and strong and faithful. That is work that can only be done fully through love.

But even when you love your little people to the moon and back, mothering can be perplexing. Lately, being Mom has been less easy... maybe even difficult. Nothing particular or earth-shattering... just filled with stuff that can't be patched up with a kiss or a band aid or a heart-to-heart. The kinds of things that make Moms think and worry and work even harder to do what's best for their little people.

This too shall pass, and being Mom will fall back into a more comfortable cadence... but the recent stress has made me appreciate Ellie's role as Mom to her new baby.

Ellie loves her baby and has been adamant about caring for all her needs... sharing her diapers included. It made me realize that little moms-in-training tackle the tough stuff too. Ellie could have chosen to just sit in a quiet chair and feed the baby... or put the baby in a new outfit... or put the baby in a stroller and go for a stroll... you know, the easy stuff. But she chooses to embark on the mind-bending task of figuring out how to put a ginormous diaper on a small baby... and to gracefully deal with the un-glamorous stuff.

Turns out, little moms like Ellie and big Moms like me both love our jobs so much, that mind-bending and un-glamorous stuff doesn't matter. It's all just what we do... easy or not.

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