Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I may or may not have romanticized the concept of molding and shaping little people into creative and expressive and productive and contributing members of society.

The first two items; creative and expressive, we have all but mastered... or so I tell myself by the non-stop chatter and endlessness of the creative messes the little people leave in their wake...

But the latter two, Productive and Contributing, are a bit more elusive. I don't have outlandish expectations... right now I would simply rather not have to be so doggedly in my requests... especially where the biggest of the little people is concerned.

It's amazing to me how much impact Gavin's attitude and willingness to help has on Benett and Ell. He doesn't realize how much he sets the tone... it becomes contagious when Gavin doesn't want to help.

After several failed attempts at other ways to encourage Gavin to be a little more responsible for his roles, I think we've landed on something with potential.

Gavin and I worked to create pictures of his chores. We glued those discs to clothes pins. The pins are clipped to one of two little boards... "To Do" and "Done." Gavin loves "clipping over" as he calls it... or in my vernacular... crossing things off the list. (Hooray for lists!)

I'm not sure how long this idea will last... but for now, we're happy campers... with the biggest of the little people being more productive and contributing... which happily, is contagious.

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