Thursday, January 5, 2012


When she was born, Ellie was tiny. She instantly made little Benett look like a giant. Although he was a slim 18 months older, he loved that role of big brother. He still takes that role as seriously as he can.

But now, Miss Ellie has caught up to that big brother and is so close to his size. They're so similar, in fact, that I find myself comparing them.

To tell you the truth, I think Ellie does the same thing. Anything that Benett does or has, she needs as well. That can be a challenge... but it has also been a good thing, especially where potty-training is concerned.

But for all of their similarities, there are stark difference between these two, and I think they can be perfectly illustrated by the way each of them react to burping. Yes, burping. It's a natural bodily function and I guess nature also dictates how the genders react when presented with a burp.

Ellie, although I wouldn't normally describe her as delicate, reacts that way. Always saying, "Cuse me..." So polite is she, that if you don't acknowledge her, she'll shout "Cuse me! - Cuse me!" repeatedly until you thank her. (To which she will undoubtedly say, "Welcome.")

Benett, on the other hand, is overcome with a fit of laughter each time he burps... and then without fail, tries to repeat the offending sound.... which creates even more laughter. And much to my chagrin, this little scene is infectious, and usually spreads to Gavin.

This collection of quirks, differences and similarities really defines each individually... and all of us together. It's fun to watch all of it unfold... but if I'm being honest, I could really do with far less burping at my house.

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