Friday, February 4, 2011


Milestones come in all shapes and sizes. Some are major. Some, not so much. As a parent I find myself counting each accomplishment, each achievement, using them as more accurate indicators of time passed, than a calendar. I try not to wish my way through any stage of development… although that required momentary reminders, when as babies the children had yet to sleep through the night. I knew that time would pass all too quickly, and no matter how much I just wanted to sleep, I didn’t want them to get so big so fast.
Just last week we were bringing Gavin home from the hospital… oh wait… that was 7 years ago. So much has happened in that short span of time. It’s been a wild, fun, amazing ride. I know there will be so much more. I’m excited to experience all of it.
There is something bittersweet about each milestone. As parents Monte and I want to encourage and delight in the new stuff. We want to celebrate. We love each second. But in that same moment, I wither a little. I’m sad to see my babies growing so independent.
I look back at the video from the hospital, when Gavin and Benett met Ellie for the first time, and I can’t believe that so much time has passed… Gavin now has a front tooth, where there was a gaping hole. Benett looks so much different… older. And Ellie, well she’s my baby. I thought she was still little, but my baby is nearly walking and wearing pigtails.
Pigtails may seem like a small thing... but to me they symbolize 11 months on the calendar. Eleven months and a little girl who is each day growing more and more independent.

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