Saturday, February 19, 2011


We had things to do. Places to go and people to see. For this reason Monte and I ventured out with all of the children in tow… Something we have never done before.
People laugh when I say that we don’t take Benett out in public. But it’s true… no joke. He’s been to the grocery store maybe 5 times in his two and a half years. Sad you say? Yes, I’ll agree. It is sad, but you’d only have to be in line behind us once, and you’d be thanking me for keeping him at home where he belongs.
Gavin isn’t much better. “Mom, can we leave now? Are we going yet? I’m thirsty. Can I have a drink? Can we eat at McDonalds? When are we going to go home? Can I look at toys? Can I buy a toy? I wish I could have a toy….” It’s incessant. It. Doesn’t. End.
And what about Ellie? She’s an angel. She’s in it purely for the people watching. That child will go anywhere - do anything. All because she’s nosey.
Despite the fact that they had us out-numbered, we ventured out anyway. We packed like we were going to be on a week-long expedition. Diapers, snacks, sippy cups/bottles, wipes, toys, a huge stroller and a big dose of courage.
We got most of our errands done. We conquered the mall. There was only one melt-down. But I’ve since stopped crying and have regained my composure.

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