Monday, January 10, 2011


Sometimes we don’t want to know.  I can think of four things that I would rather not know right now.
1. How many servings of vegetables the children actually consumed today... without rounding up, or using fuzzy math.
2. The vast difference between my idea of ‘icky’ and Benett’s.
3. The number of emails in my inbox. Maybe it's unwise to consider anything from management as spam?
4. Whether or not Gavin really brushed his teeth. Or if he just ran water over his tooth brush and called it good.
They say knowledge is power. I get that. I can introduce you to several spreadsheets that confirm this theory of powerful knowledge. (Or support the fuzzy math concept mentioned above.) But the reality of some situations is just too terrifying to consider. So with that, I’ll be sticking my head in the cold snow bank, at least until tomorrow, when I'll be forced to read all of that email I ignored today.

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