Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tags are my  new obsession. QR codes and now these colorful Tags have been popping up in advertising for a while, but for whatever reason, I'm just getting on board.

These 'Tags' are really bar codes that allow the user to scan them with a smart phone and automatically (magically) be taken to a web page.

I think the thing that makes them so appealing is the ease of use. (And the pretty colors don't hurt either.) Target used QR codes in their holiday advertising. I thought it was cool... but QR codes are definitely not as posh as these colorful tags!

If you want to give it a whirl, browse to the following URL with your smart phone:

From there the software will install. Select the app, scan the tag on the left and viola! You'll see my little site on your phone... how cool is that? Now just keep an eye out for these tags in your favorite advertising. They'll no doubt take you to some great content.

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