Sunday, July 1, 2012

Boat People

We decided that a wet weekend was in order, to help quench our thirst for some summer fun. We're not 'boat people' by any means; neither Monte or I grew up on the water. But with the weather so beautiful and the company so lovely, the appeal for owning a boat is clear.

My sweet brother is becoming a boat person and I'm happy to tag along with him anytime he asks. The little people wouldn't think twice either.

Benett and Gavin especially loved the tubes. I was a wreck each time we towed them... but they both loved every second... and didn't want to stop. Ellie is the sensible child. She was content to sit on someone's lap and only spent a few short seconds in the tube when there was no chance that the boat would move.

By the end of the day, everyone was tired in a good sun-drenched kind of way... smelling of sunscreen and happiness... two of three little people were fast asleep within minutes of being buckled into their car seats for the journey home.

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