Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Year

I just came across these pictures from the Fourth of July. Although we almost forgot this year, the traditional "knee-high by the fourth of July" turned out to be a keeper. I love any picture where the little people hold hands... it's a rare thing around here.

I almost can't comprehend how much the little people have grown since last year. Ellie especially has changed so much... she's not a baby anymore. She's become this independent little person, intent to follow her brothers, but all while doing things on her own.

The boys have changed too, but those changes are more subtle. Gavin is taller... he's going to be a big kid... he already stretches to nearly Monte's shoulder. Benett looks much the same, but for some reason, I think he looks just like he did as a baby. Some kids change and look like different people as they grow... but not Benett. He may always look exactly the same; that's okay by me.

When I see these pictures side-by-side it makes me feel like I should have noticed how each of the little people have changed over the year... noticed it happening before my eyes.

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