Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We're still on a sugar high here. All of that Easter candy is like a siren song to the little people.. it's tough to remain composed when in the presence of chocolate bunnies, peanut butter eggs and jelly beans.

Actually, for the most part the little people have been doing a really good job of enjoying in moderation. Except for Ellie's periodical appearance with the telltale chocolate ring, each are satisfied to select a small item from the basket with a clean dinner plate.

Don't tell the little people, but I'm always glad when the baskets are emptied and ready to be put away. Do you ever "help" that process along? Monte does. I think he sees it as his personal responsibility to liberate a few items each evening... armed with the logic that "they don't need so much sugar." I do find it curious that he makes that argument only when the little people are tucked into bed and sleeping.

Apparently taking candy from children is okay when they're sleeping... and when there are peanut butter eggs involved.

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