Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I've never been that person who randomly bursts into song. Except while driving solo... but that's a given. All people do that, right?

When Benett was tiny, I found myself singing to him and Gavin more and more frequently. Our repertoire is small but all of the sudden with a very talkative little girl in the house, we find ourselves singing often. It's turned into a little bedtime routine, at least with Ell. She'll run through the three little songs on her request list and then ask to go to bed.

She's even managed to get Monte involved. When ever she gets the opportunity, she's asking him to read/sing "If You're Happy and You Know It." (Or in her words, "Happy Know It.") The book is colorful and the illustrations are very cute. Benett and Ellie just love this time with Daddy.

I've never really spent too much time thinking about singing. It's such a small thing. But tonight, while Benett was in the tub, he started singing. It was so sweet and it made me realize that singing is important. It's like our little soundtrack. Complete with dancers... because undoubtedly whenever there's a song (and even when there isn't) Gavin's bursts into a dance routine. It's crazy and funny and impossible to not be happy in the midst of it all.

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