Monday, April 2, 2012


As the days get longer, our evening routine gets pushed out further and further... it's incremental to the amount of extra daylight. We all race home in the afternoon, to hurry through dinner, so we can all enjoy some time outside. It feels like a well deserved reward for being cooped up inside all day.

Gavin is constantly asking to play catch... give him a football, baseball, basketball... normally he'll throw any of them around. He's not choosy. But lately, the wind has captured his attention. He's all about flying kites. Tonight he had his kite so far out, it looked like a tiny spec in the sky. It was fun to watch.

Benett and Ellie are my little sidekicks in the garden. They love to dig and play right alongside me. Benett looking for things that wriggle in the dirt, while Ellie just moves soil from one place to another. She loves to arrange and rearrange things.

As dusk begins to fall, we make our way for the house. Dropping boots and shoes by the door. Clothes get strewn between the entry and the bathroom. I'm not sure why the kids feel compelled to disrobe as they walk into the house...

Off to the tub each of the kids go. They all want to be the first in... soaking with bubbles feels extra nice after such intense playing. And afterwards, snuggling with clean little bodies when we tuck them into bed, is a little treasure. I love the way their little heads smell, with just dried hair.

All of those little heads are tucked into bed; no doubt on the verge of sleep. And with those little people tucked in, maybe I'll find time for a bubble bath myself.

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