Thursday, September 24, 2015


We recently lost our dog. Jackson was a lovely part of our family. At 14 human years old, he lived a long life and had the streaks of gray to prove it. Despite the gray and the slowing of his pace, he didn't seem like an old dog to me until quite recently.

He was having such a difficult time getting around; we could see how much pain he was in, even though he tried so hard to do all of the things he's always done.

I'm glad he's not in pain anymore, but I miss him. Even now, I still look for him when I come home at the end of the day. I expect to hear him announce a vehicle in the driveway. I can almost feel his calming presence at my side when I'm in the garden. I can feel the softness of his ears.

That last day, we took a long walk. I think about it now as the long walk home. It was a beautiful morning. Hank and I walked slower and more patiently, wanting Jack to be as near as possible... soaking up as much of his presence as we could.

I have a feeling that even though he's gone, the lessons that sweet old dog taught us will continue to present themselves. Through the painful times, those filled with happiness and most of all when we consider what we're most thankful for.

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