Sunday, September 27, 2015


We gathered yesterday to bake; we do it a few times a year and the little people and I look forward to it. Every. Single. Time.

We make Chocolate Crackles, always. That's the only requirement. There are typically 2-3 additional recipes that we try. I love that it's a tradition we create together. I like that the cookbooks consulted are old and floured, passed from and to hand. The recipe cards are from my grandmother's kitchen. They're carefully written in her beautiful hand, with notes about modifications or preferences and a well placed caution to not "over bake."

At the end of cookie day, the counter is typically filled with the work of the day. Little people lingering for one last bite or a spoon to help clean up. The loot is bagged and packaged, ready for cookie jars and the freezer. It's satisfying in so many ways.

Yesterday was different. Rosemary introduced bread. The little people had never made bread and the entire process was filled with opportunities to get their little hands involved. The kneading was especially fun.

With bread rising, we moved on to the cookies. Crackles, followed by Chewy Molasses, Chocolate No Bake Cookies and a new Shortbread recipe. Though they sounded Delicious the counter never filled with rack after rack of cooling cookies. Yesterday wasn't a successful day for cookies.

It was all about the bread. It was warm and satisfying and perfect. A treat in every single way.

Despite the lack of cookies, yesterday we were fed the kind of nourishment that we really need to live in this life and know the kind of love that only these traditions can convey. This cookie-less day in the kitchen was as perfect as can be. It was food for the soul and filled me right up.

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