Sunday, March 31, 2013


We needed to feel the sun on our faces today, so we went to our favorite spot. We only spent 45 minutes outside, but the fresh air was wonderful.  Although we couldn't find anything green, we tried to spot as many signs of spring as we could. Aside from the melting snow and resulting puddles, we couldn't find as many signs of spring as I'd like to be enjoying these days... 

We were so eager to be outside, we splashed through as many puddles as we could. I'm normally that mom who urges (pleads) the little people to avoid all of the wet and mud; not today. Today we plashed. We stomped. Our feet were wet and happy. Ellie made out the best, since she decided to wear Benett's shoes on our walk. Smart girl.

I think our walk was a great end to a lovely day and with any luck by this time next week, we'll be able to do much more of these little excursions, and with any luck, they'll result in considerably drier socks.

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