Monday, March 18, 2013


If you're anything like me, you're sick of winter... can't take another day of it sick. I must have been daydreaming about warm weather, because we're now in the midst of a real winter storm. Several inches of snow, windy conditions, the whole shebang.

The school announced an early dismissal today, so I started listening for the bus around 2-ish. By 3:00 the bus was finally in my driveway. At 3:30 the bus was still in my driveway. Stuck. It didn't matter much that it was blocking the road... locals know that this road is notoriously never plowed and all but impassible in snowy/windy conditions like today. There was little traffic to impact.

By 3:45 a truck arrived to free the bus only to become stuck as well. If I wasn't so sick of winter, the sight might have made me laugh. Gavin was entertained. He stood watch, reporting periodically the status of those cold, snowbound men in the driveway trying to free themselves from the snowbanks that had drifted into the roadway.

Eventually, our local caretaker arrived to free the snowbound truck and plow my driveway. He makes the rounds several times on days like today... and we're so very grateful. Chocolate chip cookie grateful.

Now it's evening and the wind is still blowing. I'm trying to convince myself that this little storm isn't all that bad... after all spring is right around the corner. We can handle a few more snowy days and maybe even enjoy them, knowing that this too shall pass.

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