Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Happy spring! I guess it wouldn't be spring without a tray of seedlings happily growing taller and greener in my sun room.

Every year in May I tell myself that next year I'm just going to buy plants from the nursery... I'm not going to deal with this tray of leggy plants sitting in my house for too long. But every year, in February I get this indescribably strong urge to start growing things. Green things. Things that will grow tall and become fruit in a few short months.

So, about two weeks ago, when Benett was home from daycare sick, the two of us started our tomato plants. I think he was excited as I was to smell the peat pellets. I love what their unique smell signifies more than the smell itself, while Benett just likes to smell things. He leads with his nose. It's odd.

So, spring has finally sprung. I've got my green things growing... now if we could just get it to stop snowing so it actually looks like spring outside... it feels like that might never happen.

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