Sunday, March 3, 2013


I'm not sure why we don't do it more often, but today we took the little people bowling. Gavin was in his glory. He is such an easy-going and selfless child; the kind of person who can make fun out of most situations. But the smile on his face today spoke of true happiness. Joy. Brought about by a simple bowling game.

The only sign of disappointment was when the attendant told Gavin that he didn't have to wear the bowling shoes... he could go in his stocking feet, just like Benett and Elle. But wearing the silly shoes is all a part of the experience. So we asked for a small pair of the silly shoes anyway and after being laced up, Gavin took several minutes to find a ball that was just right.

Gavin was determined to bowl in a regular lane, no bumpers for him. Although it took a few turns to get the hang of things, he really did a good job, mastering that lefty throw of his and even getting some nice spin on the ball. It was fun to watch his determination, but more fun to see that smile radiating from his face.

Benett and Ellie had fun too. They both wanted to roll the ball themselves, and although took plenty of time in each of their respective turns (I had no idea a bowling ball could roll so... very... slowly...) they cheered at their successes. Their excitement after each turn was contagious. Although Ellie didn't always seem to be so pleased with her results, and after one particularly poor roll (by her assessment) she said, "Oh, crap." I was mortified. I don't think we use that word around our house... but I'm on high alert nonetheless. Ugh.

As a kid, I recall bowling being one of those grown-up activities... and a rare occasion family activity. That's 30 years ago, and I have to say the alley we went to today was a throw back to those years past. From the equipment to the advertising, it all might very well be exactly the same. It made for an interesting feeling of being in a life-sized time capsule.

Although I'm not 100% sure we scored the game correctly, we still had a good time. And language aside, I think we'll make a plan to sport the silly shoes more often.

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