Sunday, February 17, 2013


Valentines Day has become a holiday less about romance and more about the hustle of getting things ready for the little people. The school Valentine's party seems to be the highlight of February. And because none of the little people object (yet) we make our own valentine's instead of buying those from the store. I enjoy the opportunity to be creative with the little people... But that being said, getting the right treats, making fun cards for each of the classmates and constructing the mailbox for friends to deliver their cards and treats to, is not a small project.

By the time all of the goodies have been sent off to school, we're all glad the project is over.

And perhaps to highlight the fact that this holiday has become less about romance, Monte left this gesture on the bathroom floor. I'm not sure whether I should feel very loved... or as though I need to add an extra laundry day to my weekly routine.

Now, to be clear, Monte also came home with roses. They're lovely; he is so thoughtful... call me crazy, but the laundry heart meant just as much... maybe more.

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