Wednesday, February 6, 2013


More likely than not, the cushions are scattered around the family room on most days. They're employed to make forts, stacked to make great perches, which Benett will swear up and down that he DOES NOT jump from. And invariably these cushions end up on the steps to make a slide. (Although not a very functional slide, thankfully.)

Lately, with all of the time we've been spending inside, Benett takes them off the couch every time I replace them. My pleas to "put them back" are typically met with a scene like the picture above. Apparently, his idea of putting the couch back together, and mine, are very different.

It's tough to be upset with Benett for too long... he put most of the cushions back, saving two for a creative little space to play. It was so much fun to watch him, despite the fact that he was supposed to be in his room for quiet time... and I was supposed to be on the treadmill. Details, details.

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