Sunday, February 24, 2013


Gavin loves to play board games, especially Monopoly. So when the new came out a few weeks ago that the game would be undergoing some change, Gavin and I took it upon ourselves to start a game and to each play with the game piece we thought would be retired.

I thought it would be a fun evening... A chance contain Gavin long enough to sit across the table from me and play a game, have a conversation and just be together. I promised that we'd play the game all the way to the end; to play until one of us goes bankrupt. I pinky swore.

It's two weeks later and the game is still going on. We've had a couple of sessions and when it gets to be bedtime, we take a picture of the game board so we know just where the pieces need to be when we resume. I have to admit, it's been fun.

And two weeks later, we know the iron is retired, but that piece still circles our board as we play on, followed closely by the boot. In case you're wondering, Gavin has both Park Place and Boardwalk. He now has several homes on each property. It's only with a lot of luck that I've been able to miss landing on those two properties.

I'm not holding back, we're both playing to win... but don't worry about Gavin. He's proving to be quite the savvy investor. He's frugal and loves to negotiate. Playing this game with him has been so very entertaining for me... in many ways.

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