Saturday, November 24, 2012


Raising kids, actually dealing with kids in general, can be a difficult thing. I want nothing more than to raise a group a kids who are strong enough and smart enough to do what's right. To be able to swim against the stream, and friends, when necessary.

Yet kids need to do dumb things, sometimes, in order to learn. I can only hope the kids who decided to throw yogurt at my car tonight are learning such a lesson. Not that they got caught... despite my transformation into a ranting old lady, lamenting the state of today's youth at the side of the road... I'm hoping they have decided on their own that they did a dumb thing, a thing that shouldn't be repeated.

I was a whipper-snapper who did dumb things once... heck, even as an adult I would like do-overs from time to time... Not being your best is a crumby feeling. A feeling that makes transforming, learning, an easier thing to do. So I'm hoping tonight there is a repentant kid who has decided that yogurt is for eating, and not for throwing. And for that kid, it seems a little bit easier to say, "that's okay... we all make mistakes... my car needed to be washed anyway."

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