Sunday, October 14, 2012


I feel like I've been away for so very long. I have no good excuse... just living a life that seems to be quite busy, from time to time.

The days pass me by in a blur most of the time... and quite honestly, most evenings when I think about booting up the laptop, something else seems to win out... sleep topping that list.

I've been enjoying the autumn with the littlest people... some days more than others... although I'm not so sure they'd say the same thing. Some Monday mornings they beg to go to daycare. Some Monday mornings I silently beg too.

Gavin and I are also enjoying some time on the weekday afternoons when he returns from school before his little brother and sister. We both love that time spent together, just the two of us. He is a different boy when he doesn't have to be a big brother.

All in all, life is good. A busy, hectic kind of good.

While I know life will remain busy for the foreseeable future... I will try to be here more. Time spent here organizing my thoughts is a little like therapy... something of which I could certainly use a little bit more.

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