Wednesday, October 17, 2012


On October 16, 2010 I decided that it was important for me to spend more of my time writing. I enjoy that creative process and since I have plenty to say about my little people... starting a blog seemed like a great way to accomplish my goals while gaining a better understanding of some techy tools.

In the last two years I've enjoyed my time in this space. The process of organizing my thoughts and trying to be creative in how those thoughts spill onto the page has become something that I crave... some days more than others... but I think that comes with the territory when it comes to writing. Some days I find my words remain tangled up and trapped in my head. The simple task of forming an interesting thought is as impossible as flight for pigs. Thankfully, my little people have a knack for helping to remedy writer's block.

But tonight, I wish I was the one with a remedy, for one of my little people. Benett, my boy with the immune system of steel, has ruddy cheeks and a fever. He's so sad and weepy, complaining about his "sore eyes and legs." He wants nothing more than to snuggle on my lap... which I enjoy, even though he's under the weather.

I think we'll take things slow tomorrow, enjoying some slow and quiet time, while soaking up all of that cuddling before he's up and running again.

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