Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Wish

The Big Man has gone back up North. I’m sure he’s busy making final preparations, getting ready for the big night to come.

We’re doing the same thing here. I wish I could say that I had final preparations to make, but the truth is I’ve got the preliminary preparations yet to tackle. I should be concerned. But I’m not. I’m not feeling stressed, pressured or harried. That feels good.
Unfortunately, there are also things in my world that don’t feel so great. The economy has been an ever present shadow casting doubt and fear on the local community. It’s not just us, I know that. It’s tough for a lot of folks. But it’s affected the local community several times in the past year. Honestly, it’s hit too close to home far too many times. This week that reality is especially painful.
I’ve grown very fond of an individual who’s being laid off after many years of service to the company. He’s given so much of himself. He’s great at what he does. He’s kind. He’s dedicated. He’s a friend. Today was the last day that I’d see him sitting behind his desk. After today I won’t hear the friendly “Hey, lady…” that was part salutation and part invitation to sit in one of the comfy chairs across from his desk and chat.
He’s a great man. The past and upcoming weeks will be difficult for him. But in the end, I know he’ll find himself happy in a new role very soon. Another company will scoop him up and find themselves with a great catch.
Selfishly, I’m upset that my comfortable routine is being changed. Selfishly, the company will be a little weaker. Selfishly, I’ll miss my friend.
So, if the Big Man is listening… I’d like to amend our request. Gavin still wants a Nerf gun and the Mighty Beanz, but I’d also like you to visit my friend’s house and bring him some comfort this holiday season. And while you’re out and about, maybe you could stop by the White House?

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