Thursday, February 5, 2015


These days, we are finding notes all around the house. Benett has a great love for drawing and art, which has recently been accompanied by a love for "mail." He leaves his sweet little letters wherever he thinks they'll be noticed and read. Some of his little musings aren't postmarked at all, they're just cut or taped together or randomly left laying around.

One place most of them are not - in a notebook.

With that in mind, Santa had his thinking cap on this year and decided to give B a fun book in which to keep his drawings. Since December, he's taken it to church or wrestling tourneys or just in the car, adding some fantastic images. When its full, I'll stash it away. I already can't wait to rediscover and enjoy the creativity.

Because the vast majority of his drawing is of the loose-leaf variety... and way too cute/funny/sweet to recycle... stacks and stacks of paper can be found around my house. On the kitchen counter, in the secretary, my bathroom, the entry way, his bedroom, my car, my desk at the office... and the list goes on and on.

I'm not a huge fan of clutter, but as stacks of paper go, his are my favorite kind.

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