Sunday, February 1, 2015


It’s safer back there, lingering in the protective shadow of someone with whom you've entrusted your love. This is where we find Ellie much of the time. She’s behind him, but don’t interpret that as weakness… she’s perfectly capable of standing on her own, she just prefers to be close to him. And she’s happy to let him take the lead, on the days when being bold doesn’t seem like the thing to be.

She prefers the familiarity.
He enjoys that she is most likely thinking the same thing he is… and when she’s not, its great fun to have a laugh about her silly thinking.

She prefers the partnership.
He enjoys having a slower partner in crime… but wishes that she could or would keep a secret for more than 10 seconds. She’s just too honest for him sometimes.

She prefers his brand of rivalry.
He enjoys playing the role of teacher, with such an eager student.

We don’t worry about Ellie standing behind her brother. They are true to themselves and hold each other up… No matter who’s in front, or whether they’re together, they both prefer to be a pair.

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