Monday, February 16, 2015


It's her natural smile. You know she is loving whatever is in her midst, when this glowing grin is on her sweet little face. Eyes squished by those plump, rosy cheeks... and that one tiny little dimple...

That tiny little dimple, and her silly little smile are just what I need to brighten my days.

Days need brightening, when from out of the blue, life throws us a curve ball and introduces change. Life is full of change, but in this season of change, it is decidedly not something I'm looking forward to with excitement.

We are faced with losing our church, a gift passed down through the years, since 1913, to myself and my little people.

That gift is being taken from us. We have been informed that our church is no longer viable. Despite a building in good repair and a bank account adequate to sustain our needs. We will be asked to worship someplace else. Our faith community will cease to exist. Because it's small. Because it's rural.

That small, rural place is my faith. It's a legacy that's been passed down and entrusted to us, by those who came before. With it goes my faith. With it goes a part of me... with it goes the dream I'd had for the little people.

I'd very much have liked to see this little clenched grin, standing before the same alter as I had, receiving her first communion... confirmation... marriage... and the baptism of her own children.

Sadly, someone who doesn't know us has decided that isn't important. History, our roots, are things that are easily transferable.

I don't agree. History is important. Where we come from matters.

Life is full of change. I don't know what will happen over the course of the coming months... but one thing I know to be certain is that this infectious grin will continue to brighten my days, even when those days include a sense of uncertainty...

Maybe that tiny little dimple should be my new religion. After all, that sweet little grin is like magic, teeming with the power to heal.

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