Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I didn't think he would like to get quite so dressed up for his school holiday concert, but Gavin appreciated dressing smartly. His attire made me appreciate the pure genius that is the tie. It possesses transformational qualities, magically imparting manners and reason, banishing rowdy and rambunctious behavior. Gavin, and his siblings by association, became models of the most refined manners.

Plus he looked handsome. (I think that handsomeness is equal parts tie and manners.)

There is something charming about a reserved child... But truth be told, I feel a little strange being around my kids when they act that way. (It doesn't happen often.) Even though they aren't reserved very often, I do find them charming being themselves. I like that each of them are comfortable in their own skin.

That's the part that I think is so fascinating as we watch Gavin grow. Each day when we think we can predict what he's going to say or how he's going to act, he throws us a curve. It's just because he's trying new things in an ongoing effort to figure himself out. He and I are alike in that regard, I suppose.

So on this day, he was a smart, reserved version of himself. Which Gavin and I both appreciated, on that day, in that moment.

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