Friday, December 20, 2013


We enjoyed our second and final Christmas concert of the season. Benett and Ellie both did a great job, belting out their respective songs, even taking some creative liberty with some of the words. It's always entertaining.

Actually, they had their songs down. Both of the littlest people took every opportunity that they had (mostly at the dinner table) to practice. And no matter how many times they repeated the festive carols, we enjoyed the performance. My personal favorite was Ellie's rendition of "Let it Snow." She can sing it beginning to end and even adds a few gestures.

Traditionally, the night of the concert is when the little people visit with Santa. The big man was there yet again and didn't disappoint. Gavin was right there with everyone else, the biggest of all of the little people... actually he was first in line. This year was the first ever that he was even willing to consider a scenario in which there was no chat with Santa.

Gavin had wresting practice that same night and was really torn between which was more important. Ultimately, he decided that if he was one of the first 9 kids in line, he'd wait his turn. If he were #10 or further back, he was willing to skip Santa and go to practice. (Apparently they were going to be working on a new move at practice, something he wasn't keen on missing.)

Ellie's desire to see Santa was solely to avert disaster. She wants a Hello Kitty toy for Christmas. Badly. When she found said toy in the back of the car, she was in shock and dismay when Monte told her the toy was for her cousin. (There were lots of tears.) Her only purpose for visiting Santa was to make sure he KNEW what she wanted, in very specific terms. Very. Specific. When Santa asked if she wanted anything else, she said, "No. Just Hello Kitty." With her wishes made known, she bounded from his lap with candy cane in hand.

I was curious to see how Benett would respond to the typical question... "Have you been a good boy?" Benett opted for denial. His vigorous nodding was compelling, if not accurate. He's trying... some days are better than others... Either way, he shared his wishes for gifts and couldn't have been more thrilled. I think the visit was more akin to a confession of sorts; clearing his conscience and creating a blank slate.

For the most part, I think we're ready for Christmas. I'm to that point where whether I'm done with my shopping and baking or not... I'm ready for Christmas itself. Ready to spend time with loved ones. Ready to enjoy Christmas morning, watching three little people happily ripping into packages delivered by Santa... finding their heart's desire in each box, excited to see and enjoy the tokens of Santa and Mom & Dad's love.

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