Friday, December 13, 2013


It took them longer that I thought it would, but eventually they noticed the first gift sitting all alone under the tree. They sat quietly under the glowing branches for the longest while, chatting about the parcel and trying to determine just who it was for... eventually Benett spelled it out, but only after the "to:" situation was clarified.

They've always had these quiet little talks; private discussions for just the two of them. I could sit and watch them like that, heads together, working through some important issue with their young perspectives.

I think about Benett and Ellie in terms of twins so often... twins with an 18 month introduction. Benett seems to have always felt this bond with his sister, even before he met her. He was so little, but had this funny connection with my growing belly... like he knew this secret that no one else could fathom.

Their bond is a part of who they are as individuals, although I think that means something different to each of them. I'm sure as they grown that bond will change, but I hope they're always close. I could do without some of the plotting and instigating, but I'm sure in a few years I'll look back and miss even that mischief.

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