Sunday, July 28, 2013


The summer baseball season is over for us now. I'm not sure who'll miss it more, Gavin or his adoring fans. (Monte & me and the littlest people.) We've grown accustom to spending a couple nights a week at games. It was fun to watch the boys play... and see them improve game to game.

Benett and Ellie enjoyed playing with their baseball friends... the adoring fans of Gavin's team mates. These fun, new friends kept them thoroughly entertained throughout the games.

I know Gavin needs a break, before school starts. Our summer has been moving at a break-neck pace. It will be good for things to slow down a bit... if such a notion is possible.

But in honor of our favorite game, we decided to play our own little version here at home. It's nowhere near as fun as the real thing, but it might just tide us over until our next sporting passion picks up in the fall.

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