Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I'm sure it was a steady, gradual pace... but somehow, since the last time I was here, life moved along. As I was looking back, I realized that I didn't have my camera out as much as I'd have liked. I miss having images to reflect back upon. It was a reminder of just how important it is to try and capture the moments.

That being said, I thought maybe a little recap was in order.

We said good-bye to baseball, "enjoyed" a short football season and have now found ourselves with a wrestler in the house. I'm not sure Gavin is practicing his techniques so much as roughhousing. Either way, so far the sport is a good outlet for his seemingly endless supply of energy.

Two birthdays have been celebrated. There are now five and 10-year-old boys in the house. They seem very different from the younger versions of themselves.

Red Velvet cake, his favorite. And according to him, he has a "very sophisticated palette." I guess I agree that his palette and his vocabulary are indeed sophisticated.

Just as his shirt depicts, this child is a meatball. Always has been. I hope he always will be. He turned five just before the start of the school year, being on the bubble, we made the tough decision to not send him to kindergarten. Academically, he's ready. Like every proud mother, I think he's as quick as a whip. 

We just didn't want his young age to catch up with him down the road. There is enough pressure on kids in the school system, without adding an age element to the mix for Benett. 

He's loving preschool and amazes me each day with his inquisitive nature.

Speaking of nature, we introduced a few new gals to the flock. Is it weird that I think they're pretty? I may or may not tell them that. 

He's in fourth grade.
He is a very tall boy.
He can eat his weight in pasta.
He loves to read.
He's sweet and energetic and full of life.
He keeps us all on our toes.

I was a millisecond from capturing something nearly as illusive as Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster... all three of them looking at the camera. At. The. Same. Time. 

I'm convinced that it will never happen.

I'm convinced that for the next several years, if I want a picture of them all smiling and looking at the camera, photoshop will be involved.

Halloween involved a jail bird and two dinosaurs. If you're wondering why I only have a picture of 2/3 of the group, please see the line above.

Last weekend, we had a cookie baking day with Ellie's sweet Godmother, Rosemary. Ellie loves her Godmother... and chocolate spoons... needless to say, she was in heaven all day.

Life certainly did move along while I was on hiatus. Actually, the last year has been filled with change. So many things going on... life does seem like a juggling act sometimes. And like any great act, the show must go on. It may not always be pretty, but it sure is entertaining.

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