Friday, May 24, 2013


After the long winter, exceedingly rainy spring and cool temperatures, the garden is finally starting to bloom. I must say, it's a welcome sight.

The dreariness has made it difficult to be inspired when it comes to the out-of-doors... Rather than filling our time planting gardens or even photographing the changing of the seasons, we've been spending our time trying to keep water away from the foundation of the house and keeping ourselves occupied with indoor activities.

We'll all be glad to put that stuff behind us and get outside and get our hands dirty. The little people were good garden helpers last summer and I'm sure this year they'll be even more adept in their 'helping.' We did plant peas and kohlrabi about two weeks ago. Benett and Ellie really tend to enjoy that kind of stuff more than Gavin... but despite his indifference in some aspects of the garden, Gavin still sticks close by and keeps us all entertained while we're happily toiling away.

Sometimes it's as much of a challenge to keep everyone engaged as it is to complete the actual task at hand... I thought this might get easier as the little people grew... but now it's not their size that can inhibit our activities, but rather the uniqueness of their individual personalities. That said, I'm so impressed with how the boys are getting better about playing together. They're both very competitive, which makes for some touchy moments, but in general they seem to each make an effort to play 'WITH' and not 'AT' each other.

But, no matter the game, it always turns into a wrestling match in the end. And not to be left out, Ellie always jumps in (or on) the action. Sometimes the game ends in tears. Somethings it doesn't, but either way, I think the little people would agree that they'd rather be outside getting dirty than wresting inside. With any luck that will happen this weekend.

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