Friday, May 10, 2013


Just when I thought nothing would ever grow again, new life is bursting forth from the cool, dark soil. Each spring I become enamored with photographing asparagus. That's most likely because it grows so satisfyingly fast. Just about the time that we can't wait another second for spring to begin, the asparagus begins to grow... and in just a few day's time it goes from small purple nubs pushing through the ground, to long tender stalks.

The only thing that beats photographing the first spring veggies in the garden is harvesting them. Small though they were, I cut a few stalks to use for dinner. It was a meager side, but they were so tasty. I think that first bite made me forget all about the long, brutal winter.

So starved for the color green, the little people and I spent some time outside examining all of the growing things around us.

I love to see the wonder on their faces as they discover the details in the things that surround us. Things that we look at each and every day take a new shape when given a closer look. Even the Maple trees become special with their delicate little flowers.

Spring is certainly working its magic on us.

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