Monday, April 22, 2013


We tried to console ourselves yesterday with some baking. It seemed the only sensible thing to do, when faced with a snowy day in April.

I think I could have cried when we rose on Sunday morning to snow... snow on the ground, snow in the air... the snow was replaced with rain later in the day... but somehow that didn't feel like much of an improvement.

The little people are taking their lack-of-spring frustrations out in a much different way. Their tactic is to refuse to sleep at night. They've got stalling down to an art form. And for an encore, they've resorted to additional late night tactics.

We're used to Ellie wandering into our room in the wee hours, but until recently, we could convince her to go back to her own bed to sleep. Not any more. She stands at the foot of the bed crying loudly, if you can call it that, until she's satisfied that we understand her frustration. After we've managed to fall back asleep, we're roused by Benett for round two, with some pre-dawn issue of his own.

I swear, when the sun shows itself, I plan to have those little people outside running until sunset... I want them to be so tired that they fall into bed and sleep from the moment their head touches the pillow until we wake them the next morning. That may never happen... but a mama's gotta dream...

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